This is now a registered Christian Non Governmental Organisation working to uplift the lives of the urban poor. Kibera, the largest slum in Africa with an official population of about 700,000 people (unofficial estimates put it at twice the official figures) live on less than 200 hectares of land. Homes are not in skyscrapers, but rather shanties made of paper, wood or mud. KTDP runs a tailoring & knitting school for girls (rehabilitation and life skills promotion), an academy for slum children and a youth sports club for boys.

Main Objective

KTDP’s main objective is to contribute towards poverty reduction and to give the new generation hope, skills and a realistic possibility to make a better future. Main focus is
Give children and youth skills for life.
Give children and youth healthcare.
Give parents a better chance to take care of their children.
Give children, youth and parents the Word of God.

Specific focus for KTDP:

Education and training
Social/health guidance and healthcare
Small scale income generating activities

Spiritual guidance for the children, youth and parents/guardian